Daroga Power closes $230M fund, will deploy 32.85 MW Bloom Energy fuel cells

Daroga Power Fuel Cells (Courtesy: Daroga Power)

Daroga Power will deploy 32.85 MW of Bloom Energy solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) after the investor and developer of distributed generation assets closed a $230 million infrastructure portfolio fund.

The fuel cells will provide clean and reliable baseload power for companies in California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maryland. The company said that 6 MW of fuel cells are already operational with the rest being deployed through the end of next year.

“We believe in the power of distributed generation to mitigate the risks that companies face from extreme weather, brownouts and blackouts, and unknown energy costs,” said Ory Moussaieff, co-founder of Daroga Power. “Fuel cells enable companies to reduce their environmental footprint while being able to budget for and reduce their energy spend.”

Daroga Power will oversee the operation and financial performance of the fuel cell assets, while Bloom Energy will maintain the equipment.

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