County Clare in Ireland Plans Investment in Hydro, Wind

County Clare in southwest Ireland is planning an investment in renewable energy that includes a US$1.28 billion pumped-storage hydropower plant, according to a newly-published development plan.

The total renewable energy plan, with wind energy and pumped-storage hydropower assets, is estimated at about US$2.86 billion, regional media reported.

The Clare County Council already has earmarked locations, mainly along the coast, where wind farms with a combined 550-MW output can be located, The Irish Times reported.

County Manager Tom Coughlan said it would make it easier for would-be private investors to get planning permission if they knew where wind turbines could be located.

The pumped-storage hydro plant, for which locations are currently being researched, will help to address any issue related to intermittent power from the wind farms, reports indicate.

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