Consulting Firm Receives Millions to Promote Renewables

A consulting firm has received a contract for US$2.1 million to promote renewable energy technologies in California.

SAN FRANCISCO, California, US, 2001-09-11 [] ICF Consulting was awarded the 18-month contract by the California Energy Commission to develop and implement a marketing campaign to raise awareness of renewable electricity generation and its benefits, increase purchases of small-scale emerging renewable systems among building owners in both the residential and commercial sectors, and leverage strategic alliances and partnerships with organizations connected to renewable energy throughout the state. “This campaign is one part of the Commission’s Renewable Energy Consumer Education Program which provides funding to support outreach activities for the renewable energy market, and conduct statewide efforts to reach wider audiences with the renewable energy message,” explains Ann Peterson of the CEC. “The purpose of ICF Consulting’s contract is to obtain the technical expertise needed to develop and implement a statewide renewable energy public awareness campaign and assist the Commission in increasing consumer demand for renewable energy and technologies.” ICF Consulting works with the U.S. Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, PG&E, Caltrans, Department of Housing & Urban Development, City of San Jose Environmental Services Department and others. It has 800 employees in 15 offices located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Fairfax, London, Melbourne, Moscow, New York, Toronto and Washington. The firm reported revenue of $109 million last year.
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