Conergy Solar Modules in Certification, Sales Follow

Conergy AG presented the first high-performance solar modules to roll off its own production line in Frankfurt (Oder) at Intersolar 2007. Serial production of the modules carrying the name “Conergy PowerPlus” is due to start in summer 2007.

The certification process for the modules involving the first prototypes started in May, meaning that the step-by-step market launch on the European, Asian and American markets can take place on schedule. The prototypes already proved themselves during the course of numerous internal and initial external tests, and show excellent performance figures as well.

The “Conergy PowerPlus” modules are developed, produced and inspected according to the new safety standard IEC 61730 in Germany. A low power output tolerance of +/- 3 % ensures that the customer gets the expected module output. The extremely stable module can withstand loads of up to 5,400 Pascal, meaning that Conergy PowerPlus solar modules can be deployed in demanding ambient conditions.

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