Con Edison Bundles Rooftop Solar, Storage to Supply Grid Power

SunPower Corp. and Consolidated Edison Inc. plan to offer rooftop solar panels bundled with batteries to more than 300 New York residential customers, creating a system that will be able to store energy to feed the grid.

The so-called virtual power plant will have about 1.8 MW of generating capacity and 4 MWh of battery storage, the companies said in a statement Monday, the largest residential distributed-energy storage program in the U.S.

The initiative is part of a state-wide effort to integrate renewable energy into utilities’ power grids. Combining solar and storage will provide power that Con Edison can dispatch to customers during peak periods. During a blackout the stored electricity will be available to the homeowners.

The parties plan to market the pilot program to owner-occupied, single-family homes, said Allan Drury, a spokesman for Con Edison, in an e-mail Monday. Participants will lease SunPower systems and for an additional monthly payment will get battery systems from Sunverge Energy Inc.

The pilot program will run for several years, Drury said.

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