Compressor Controller for Fuel Cell Vehicles

UQM Technologies, a developer of alternative energy technologies, has delivered an electronic controller that manages the operation of an integrated air and hydrogen compression unit for use in Automotive OEM’s fuel cell-powered automobile.

Frederick, Colorado – December 26, 2003 [] The electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliant UQM controller manages the operation of a compression unit developed by Barber Nichols, which compresses hydrogen and air simultaneously and injects the gases into the fuel cell’s chemical reaction apparatus. Fuel cells combine hydrogen fuel with oxygen from air to create electricity without combustion and require auxiliary systems that manage the flow of gases into the fuel cell. Because these auxiliary systems consume a portion of the electricity produced by the fuel cell, improvements in the energy efficiency of auxiliary systems enhance the energy efficiency of the fuel cell and the automobiles that are powered by them. UQM Technologies reported that the lightweight and compact controller is watertight and features digital signal processing, sensorless control, and controller area network communication capability. The unit also is EMI compliant and a patent application has been submitted covering the proprietary method used in the controller to minimize EMI emissions. “This funded development has resulted in an expansion of our product offerings for the fuel cell market,” said UQM Technologies President and CEO William G. Rankin. “The patent pending proprietary approach to minimize EMI emissions developed during this project has application across our entire electronic product line and represents a valuable addition to our proprietary technology portfolio. We are pleased that Barber Nichols has again chosen our company to develop and supply a compact, energy efficient and high performance electronic controller for their customers’ fuel cell.”
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