Company Joins Fuel Cell Partnership

Ztek Corporation, a leader in the development of on-site hydrogen reformer technologies and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), has joined the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CFCP), a consortium of automobile companies, energy providers, fuel cell manufacturers and government agencies committed to the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.

Woburn, Massachusetts – January 8, 2003 [] As an associate partner, Ztek will collaborate with Pacific Gas and Electric of San Francisco, California (PG&E) to construct a hydrogen refueling station at PG&E’s Service Center and Division Office in Auburn, California. Ztek will participate in site preparation and be responsible for system installation, commissioning and service. When completed, the facility will serve as a satellite refueling station for the CFCP. “We are excited to be part of the fuel team at the California Fuel Cell Partnership,” said Michael Hsu, President and CEO of Ztek. “A distributed hydrogen station with on-site natural gas reforming such as the one to be provided by Ztek can drastically reduce the local hydrogen storage, resulting in a smaller footprint for the hydrogen station and a higher degree of safety and efficiency.” Ztek is developing a zero emission system (ZES) for hydrogen refueling applications. Soon to be commercially available, the system will be a hydrogen and electricity co-production unit and will be configurable to accommodate various electrical and hydrogen capacity needs. The efficiencies and economics of the ZES system, which encompasses the integration of a SOFC and a high temperature steam reformer, will be highly attractive as a distributed energy solution of the future.
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