Clean Tech Funded in Canada

The Board of Directors for Sustainable Development Technology Canada, (SDTC) have announced that it has approved in principle, subject to contract negotiations, funding for 10 new projects totaling CAN$15.6 million.

Ottawa, Canada – June 24, 2003 [] Currently, these projects are leveraged by an additional CAN$29 million. SDTC is a CAN$350 million investment fund established by the Government of Canada through the Departments of Natural Resources Canada, and Environment Canada, to further the development and demonstration of innovative technology solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. If these technologies are successfully developed and reach the marketplace, the total contribution to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reductions is estimated to be 18.3 megatons annually — based on the consortia’s self-reported estimates, which assume widespread take-up of the technologies throughout the energy economy — within the first Kyoto commitment period of 2008-2012. “The Board was heartened to see the scope of the applications in this round. Responses came from across Canada and the approved slate touches all the primary economic sectors in this country. Again we saw a predominance of requests for funding to assist with the demonstration phase of these technological solutions, confirming that SDTC’s investment at this point in the innovation chain is of particular value to the clean technology community”, said SDTC’s Chairman, James M. Stanford. Consortia Technology Summaries: the following are a sampling of the successful consortia which have been identified by the lead organization. Lead Organization: BC Research Inc. – Vancouver, British Columbia Sector: Energy Conversion; Fuel Cell This project is a multi-fuel demonstration of a 5 kW solid oxide fuel cell to investigate various aspects of this emerging energy technology in a commercial vs. a laboratory setting. Lead Organization: DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation – Vancouver, B.C. Sector: Renewable Energy; Biomass/Fast Pyrolysis This project will develop and demonstrate a process to generate greenhouse gas (GHG) neutral electricity and steam from waste biomass, economically displacing brown electricity from the grid and generating GHG credits. This will be accomplished at the Erie Flooring BioOil Cogeneration Plant by combining BioTherm’s fast pyrolysis technology with Magellan Aerospace Orenda division’s OGT 2500 gas turbine. Lead Organization: Enerkem Technologies Inc. – Montreal, Quebec Sector: Renewable Energy; Biomass/Gasification This project will demonstrate and quantify the technical and economic benefits of a developed technology to convert complex wastes into Biofuels such as assorted municipal solid wastes, into biofuels (ethanol being an example). Lead Organization: Ensyn Technologies, Inc. – Ottawa, Ontario Sector: Renewable Energy; Biomass This project is the industrial demonstration of a green technology that efficiently converts wood and other “biomass” residues into electricity and natural chemicals in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. Lead Organization: Highland Feeders Limited – Vegreville, Alberta Sector: Agriculture; Waste Management; Biomass This project will develop and demonstrate an integration process where several existing technologies will be combined to form an Integrated Manure Utilization System (IMUS). The basic concept of the Integrated Manure Utilization System (IMUS) technology is to treat cattle manure as a resource rather than a waste, focus on capturing the resource value of manure, including energy, nutrients, and water, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. Lead Organization: IBC Technologies – Vancouver, British Columbia Sector: Energy Efficiency; Residential Combo Space and Water Heater This project will improve and reconfigure elements of a top efficiency eKOCOMFORT Combined Home Heating and Ventilating System to yield a superior residential heating and ventilating system.
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