Clean Mobility Center Opens in California

CALSTART, Bikestation Long Beach, and Flexcar have opened the nation’s first fully integrated Clean Mobility Center (CMC) where the public can select four types of zero-emission vehicles for convenient, short trips around town and from the transit station to their final destination. The grand opening “plug-in” ceremony occurred at the Bikestation facility on the Transit Mall in Long Beach in front of an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, public officials, and dignitaries.

LONG BEACH, California – April 23, 2002 [] The CMC’s vehicle-sharing service, called City Wheels, includes environmentally friendly transit choices – electric city cars, motor scooters and electric and conventional bicycles – in an effort to encourage transit use, reduce emissions and relieve parking and traffic congestion. By demonstrating the convenience and flexibility provided by the shared use of a variety of vehicles, City Wheels aims to also encourage citizens to make a mode shift from conventional automobiles to cleaner modes of transportation, such as transit, bicycling and walking. “This program is a gridlock-busting, OPEC crushing, clean air program,” said John Boesel, President of CALSTART. “It says no to gridlock, no to OPEC and yes to clean air.” CALSTART, which originated the Clean Mobility Center concept with Federal Transit Administration funding, strategically placed the inaugural CMC site at the Bikestation, a unique public bicycle-parking center, because of its proximity to the Long Beach Transit Mall. This multi-modal hub, located at the intersection of First Street and The Promenade in downtown Long Beach, services passengers departing and arriving on the Metro Blue Line from Los Angeles and Long Beach Transit. “A few years ago, Bikestation was an ambitious program to encourage the use of bikes for transportation,” said Mark Shandrow, Executive Director of the Bikestation Coalition of Long Beach. “Becoming the first Clean Mobility Center helps Bikestation expand the clean transportation options available to local residents, commuters and visitors to Long Beach.” Seattle, Washington-based Flexcar is providing the car sharing services for the Clean Mobility Center in Long Beach. “By providing commuters viable clean transit options other than their private cars, we want to make car sharing appealing to a wide range of potential users,” said David Leonhardt of Flexcar. “Car sharing is an idea whose time has come in terms of addressing issues of energy consumption, parking and traffic congestion we experience on our roads today.”
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