Clean Energy Leaders Form Advocacy Group

Twelve noted national energy experts have joined together to establish a formal, yet virtual group, to address key national and global issues on energy, environment and development.

Washington, DC – September 10, 2004 [] The group is a veritable “Who’s Who” of the clean energy leadership in the United States since the 1970’s. Each have been active in clean energy for more than 25 years, representing a total of 354 years in clean energy. They helped nurture and create some of the leading environmental, technical, industry and advocacy groups in the United States. The “Clean Energy Opinion Leaders” will issue press releases and mini-reports on ongoing and relevant policy issues facing our country and the globe. “The common driver for our work is that we are running out of time,” the group said in a joint statement. “We need urgently to unleash our national and local capabilities to increase our efficient use of energy and to switch to cleaner, renewable resources. Our continued dependence on greater reliance on fossil and nuclear energy increases energy imports and seriously undermines US and global security. Failure to reduce reliance on fossil fuels has led the rapid deterioration of the global environment, and our failure to recognize the full costs of this dependence seriously undermines the economic security for businesses, for communities, and for American families. We intend to lend collective experience and expertise to achieve rapid understanding of what’s at stake, and in so doing, to help accelerate the adoption of cleaner energy choices. We believe that faced with the reality of the urgency, the stakes, and the full costs of business-as-usual, the American people and our leaders will choose to bring home the benefits of a more sustainable choice.” The leaders in alphabetical order are (dates indicate when they started in clean energy): Donald Aitken, Phd. 1973, CA — founded and is principal of his own consulting company, Donald Aitken Associates, Affiliate Faculty Member at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, and Senior Consulting Scientist for the Energy Department of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Previously he has been a staff research physicist and astrophysicist at Stanford University, served twice as Chair of American Solar Energy Society. (31 years) Scott Bernstein 1977, IL — serves as President, Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), co-founded in 1977. Research staff, Center for Urban Affairs/ Northwestern University (1974-77), coordinated study/action groups on Community Health Action and Technology & Social Structure, established network of Chicago region’s first solar greenhouse programs. Member, President’s Council on Sustainable Development, advisory board of the Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy, co-founded the Surface Transportation Policy Project, and co-invented new tools to help families and communities capture the benefits of resource. (30 years) Deborah Bleviss 1977, DC — served since late 2003 as partner in a new consulting group, the BBG Group, which addresses sustainable urban transportation options, both domestically and internationally. She began at MA Audubon in 1977 and previously worked first as an advisor to (1996-1998) and then as program director (1998-2001) of the Inter-American Development Bank’s “Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Energy” (SMSE) program to develop and manage projects in sustainable urban transportation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also was a founder and the first director of the International Institute for Energy Conservation, serving for nine years (1986-95) as director. (27 years) Ken Bossong 1973, MD — serves as Coordinator – Sustainable Energy Coalition (20 national clean energy organizations) as well as Co-Director – Ukrainian American Environmental Association, but began in 1973 as Co-Coordinator, Center for Science in the Public Interest , then as 1978-1985 – Coordinator, Citizens’ Energy Project, followed by 7 years as Director, Public Citizen’s Critical Mass Energy Project and 8 years as Executive Director, SUN DAY Campaign (31 years) Joel Gordes 1975, CT — worked as an active solar system designer and passive solar designer of over 200 homes, served as consultant to the CT Clean Energy Fund and in addition, he serves as the Executive Vice President of the New York Solar Energy Industries Association. From 1987 to 1991 he took time out to serve as a state legislator and was Vice-Chairman of the [then] Energy and Public Utilities Committee and was responsible for many pieces of energy conservation and renewable energy legislation as well as being a principle author of Connecticut’s first law on climate change, and is a 1968 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy who spent his military career in unarmed tactical reconnaissance. (29 years) Denis Hayes 1970, WA — serves currently President of the Bullitt Foundation in Seattle, Hayes formerly served as Director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; adjunct professor of engineering at Stanford University; visiting professor of energy and resources at the University of California; visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; and senior fellow at the Worldwatch Institute, where his best selling solar book, Rays of Hope, was translated into eight languages. He also practiced law in Silicon Valley and was the first director of the Illinois Energy Office. Hayes was National Coordinator of the first Earth Day in 1970; chairman of the first International Earth Day in 1990; and principal organizer of Sun Day in 1978. He is the immediate past Chair of the Energy Foundation and a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society. (34 years). William Holmberg — 1974, VA. — served at USEPA (1971-73 and 74-78), Federal Energy Office/Administration and the Department of Energy (73-74 and 78-83). Government and Regional Operations, Pesticides, Sustainable Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Ethanol/Biodiesel and other Biofuels were, and continue to be highlights. Augmented by Biopower and Biobased Products. Retired as Marine Corps Lt. Col. and member of Senior Executive Service. Now serves as Chairman of the New Uses Council and Director, Biomass Coordinating Council. (30 years) Scott Sklar 1974, DC — president of his own clean energy firm The Stella Group, Ltd, and served as an aide to Senator Jacob Javits thru 1970’s, Washington & RD&D Director of the National Center for Appropriate Technology, Political Director of the Solar Lobby, and fifteen years as Executive Director of both the Solar Energy Industries Association and the National BioEnergy Industries Association. Coauthored two books, The Forbidden Fuel, and a Consumer Guide to Solar Energy just re-released for its third printing. (30 years) Todd Sneller 1976, NE — served since 1993 as Administrator, State of Nebraska Ethanol Board, and prior from 1979 was Administrator, State of Nebraska Gasohol Committee, 1986 was Technical Advisor, State of Nebraska Ethanol Authority and Development Board, beginning in 1978 as Industrial Consultant, State of Nebraska Department of Economic Development, and two years prior as Assistant to the Administrator, State of Nebraska Agricultural Products Industrial Utilization Committee (28 years) Steven Strong 1974, MA — founded Solar Design Associates in 1974 and is one of the leading architects on solar buildings in the United States, has won numerous architectural awards and even pictured with solar panels on buildings on The White House grounds. In 1984 he worked to complete the first photovoltaics-powered neighborhood in Massachusetts and in 1996 worked with Olympic village architects to integrate PV at the natatorium for the summer games. He has authored or been editor/contributor of four books including The Solar Electric House. (30 years) Carol Werner 1979, DC — serves as the Executive Director of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI); previously was EESI’s policy director for energy and climate programs; prior was the legislative and policy director for Northeast -Midwest Congressional Coalition and the National Consumer Law Center; and served as a legislative aide to Congressman Neal Smith (25 years) Jack Werner 1974, MD — serves with the Climate Institute in Washington, D.C., and previously served over six years as the Director of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Programs for PTI , and prior with the DC Energy Office, and is on numerous solar Boards of Directors. (29 years)
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