Chicago Unveils First Networked Solar Plug-In Station for Electric Vehicles

Carbon Day Automotive announced the unveiling of the first solar-powered electric vehicle charging station in the City of Chicago. Located and operational at the City of Chicago Department of Fleet Maintenance, it will be used daily by the City of Chicago to fuel the city’s electric vehicles with power from the sun.

The Carbon Day Automotive Solar Plug-In Station, built by Carbon Day Construction, was designed by the firm of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Wanxiang America Corporation manufactured the solar panels that form a tree-like canopy built by Residential Steel.

Pure Energy LLC installed the sculpted piece and interfaced it with the concealed underground battery pack enhanced to store solar energy, specially designed and developed by All Cell Technologies, a thermal management and power pack solutions manufacturer.

“Carbon Day and the City of Chicago are demonstrating true innovation, ingenuity and initiative,” said Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies. “Solar energy and electric vehicles are an inevitable partnership that is one more step to reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

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