Chicago Partnership Promotes Solar Energy With Incentives

Chicago property owners have one more reason to join the growing number of homes, businesses and institutions that generate their own electricity using Photovoltaic technology. ComEd, in partnership with Spire Solar Chicago, encourages Chicago residents to take advantage of the “Photovoltaic Incentive Program (PIP),” a rebate to help support locally based manufacturing and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems within the City of Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois – January 27, 2003 [] Announced on January 15, 2003, PIP makes individuals and organizations eligible for ComEd rebates on grid-tied solar electric systems purchased from Spire Solar Chicago. To be eligible for the rebates, systems must be between 1 and 50 kW of direct current nameplate capacity and installed on buildings within the City of Chicago. The rebates are offered through 2004 or while funds are available. Rebates are US$1,250 per kW in 2003 and US$1,000 per kW in 2004. Other incentives, offered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs’ Renewable Energy Resources Program, the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, and the Federal Business Energy Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation, are available to further reduce costs. These incentives lighten the load on PV initial costs, monthly utility bills and the environmental impact buildings create because of their significant energy consumption. Spire Solar Chicago is a local manufacturer of solar electric panels, and is located at the Chicago Center for Green Technology on the City’s West Side. There are nearly 700 kW of Spire Solar Chicago systems installed in about 30 locations throughout the City and metropolitan area. Spire provides a turnkey service to ensure systems are installed in compliance with City of Chicago building codes.
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