Canadian Solar Energy Firm Launches New Product

One of the largest solar manufacturing facilities in North America has launched a new program to provide solar energy for consumers.

MONTREAL, Quebec – ICP Global Technologies has unveiled its SOLARPRO line of solar PV modules. The units are designed for backup and independent power generation that can avoid power blackouts or for consumers who require totally independent and dependable power sources. The new solar panel product “is a major step in the direction of developing the best options for do-it-yourself consumers to grow our global leadership in the area of alternative energy solutions,” says Sass Peress. “With the proliferation of electronics in the marketplace and the supply issues facing traditional power suppliers, consumers are turning to ICP’s solar products for dependable power year-round.” The SOLARPRO line is made for consumers to install easily by using a unique Plug’n’play feature thats allows connection of the panels in seconds. The company has developed products that range from battery chargers for $15 to solar systems in the hundreds of dollars, “so we cover all consumer needs,” adds Peress. ICP recently opened its manufacturing facility in Montreal, which it says is the largest such solar plant on the continent.

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