Canadian Green Tags Cross the Border

Electricity generated by Canadian-owned Vision Quest wind farms will soon be a part of the power grid in the Northwest states of America through the sale of green tags. Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) has agreed to purchase the tags from Vision Quest.

Portland, Oregon – June 30, 2004 [] The deal represents a significant step toward integrating the development of renewable energy in North America as a marketable product that businesses and individuals can use to offset the harmful impacts associated with electricity use. “This relationship really represents a natural next step for both of us,” said Jason Edworthy, managing director of Vision Quest. “Both organizations exist to ensure green energy is part of the electrical grid and by the definition of this international deal, it is clear that the environmental benefits resulting from our efforts know no political boundaries.” BEF is a nonprofit organization that sells green tags to utilities, businesses and residential customers across the United States, and uses the revenues to fund wetland restoration projects. Vision Quest is an electricity generator and retailer in Canada. The contract negotiated by the companies stipulates that they will commit to a Canadian supply and American purchase of the green tags for two years, with an option to extend the contract once the terms are up. Details regarding the contract’s value or the number of Green Tags are not being disclosed.
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