Canadian Delegation Brings Fuel Cells to India

The dream of a hydrogen economy knows no borders. A delegation of Canadian experts sponsored by the Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance (CTFCA) will promote hydrogen and fuel cell technology during a visit to India. Experts will meet with potential business partners, buyers, agents, distributors and policy-makers while in the country.

“The delegation to India is a prime example of the Government of Canada’s commitment to being a world leader in the support and encouragement of a transition to a hydrogen economy,” said Minister of Natural Resources R. John Efford. “Through the work of these Canadians, we will share new and innovative clean energy technologies that will help us and India meet our climate change and environmental goals, while strengthening ties between our countries.” Representatives from Dynetek Industries, FTI International, the Hydrogen Research Institute, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres, Hydrogenics Corporation, IMW Industries, Industry Canada, Natural Resources Canada, QuestAir Technologies, the Saskatchewan Research Council, and Stuart Energy Systems are part of the delegation. The delegation aims to enhance the business, trade and investment climate for Canadian hydrogen and fuel cell companies in India by demonstrating Canada’s expertise and products through matchmaking and networking events. The CTFCA was established in 2001 to demonstrate and evaluate various options for providing the hydrogen to power fuel-cell vehicles in Canada. CTFCA members represent more than 50 governments, associations and businesses that play a key role in Canada’s hydrogen and fuel cell industry.
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