Canada’s Oldest Corp. Embraces Green Power

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), announced that Hudson’s Bay Company (Hbc), Canada’s oldest corporation and largest department-store retailer, has purchased OPG Evergreen Energy Green Power.

Toronto, Canada – February 2, 2004 [] Over the next year, Hbc will buy 1,000 megawatt-hours of Green Power electricity produced from renewable sources such as wind, low-impact hydroelectric, biomass and solar – from OPG for use at its Toronto flagship store at Queen and Bay Streets. All of OPG’s environmentally friendly products are produced by facilities that have been EcoLogo-certified, or equivalent, under the federal government’s Environmental Choice Program. “Hudson’s Bay Company believes that to be a leader in corporate social responsibility, we need to consider the impact and consequences beyond the bottom line return,” said George Heller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hudson’s Bay Company. “For a company to truly consider itself socially responsible, it must consider the full scope of its impact on communities and the environment when making decisions. At Hbc, our commitment to a sustainable energy strategy starts at the most senior level of management.” Pete Sprukulis, Vice-President, Marketing at Ontario Power Generation, says that the decision by Hbc to incorporate Green Power into its energy plans is part of a growing corporate awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. “For more than 330 years, Hudson’s Bay Company has distinguished itself by doing things first. Hbc became Canada’s first corporation – now it has become the first retail company in Ontario to purchase Green Power from OPG. Companies like Hbc have embraced sustainable development because, like Green Power, they know that it’s good business, good for the environment and good for the planet. Through its purchase of Green Power, Hbc has found another way to articulate its commitment to the environment, and to contribute to the further development of the renewable energy sector.” Hudson’s Bay Company understands that to be in business for centuries, a company must meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. “Hbc is dedicated to implementing a sustainable environmental strategy and a sustainable energy strategy,” says Fred Ware, Director, National Services, Hbc. “We have committed to reducing our use of non-renewable natural resources in all operations. That’s why Green Power from OPG is a perfect complement to this strategy. Energy and environmental-impact management are hallmarks of a progressive and sustainable organization committed to its surroundings.” Starting in 2000, energy retrofits (e.g., heating ventilation and air- conditioning, and lighting systems), recycling programs, and associate awareness and incentive initiatives, have been carried out in more than 300 Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters stores across Canada. Since launching this program, Hbc has reduced its energy costs by about $5.9 million. Hbc expects to have the retrofits completed in all of its stores within three years. “This program has helped us avoid the production of 50,000 metric tons of greenhouse-gas emissions,” Ware said “Our purchase of Green Power should enable us to drop this number even further.”


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