Canada Wants to Work with U.S. on Electricity Issues

There should be “more concerted cooperative action” on energy issues between Canada and the U.S.

OTTAWA, Ontario, CA, 2001-05-31 [] “It is in the interest of energy consumers in both Canada and the United States to expand on the existing electricity relationship between our two countries,” says Hans Konow, president of the Canadian Electricity Association. The recommendation is contained in a CEO report released today, ‘Developing a North American Energy Perspective: A Proposal for Action on Electricity.’ An expanded relationship could lead to greater overall system efficiency, steadily improving environmental performance by the industry, and enhanced security of supply and system reliability for electricity customers across the continent. The report provides recommendations for policy direction in four areas, including environmental protection, increasing trade, rncouraging investment and supporting technology advancement. “In order to maximize the benefits of this expanded relationship, there is a need for a focused dialogue in both Canada and the United States,” adds Konow. “CEA member companies are committed to working with officials in Canada and the U.S. to implement the framework outlined in this paper.” CEA was formed in 1891 to represent the electricity industry in Canada. Its members generate 95 percent of domestic power, and sell $4.7 billion a year of electricity to the United States.
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