California Fuel Cell Partnership Exhibits Fuel Cell Vehicles

The transportation technology of the future can be seen as a reality at the San Diego County Fair this weekend as the California Fuel Cell Partnership displays automobiles powered by space-age electric fuel cells. The vehicles and fuel cell educational displays are in the Plaza de Mexico near the Fair’s Grandstand Arena from Friday, June 28 through Sunday, June 30. Driving demonstrations of fuel cell cars will take place each morning at the main entrance leading into the fairgrounds.

WEST SACRAMENTO, California – June 26, 2002 [] The vehicles featured for the display at the Fairgrounds include: — Ford’s P2000 FCV passenger car; — Toyota’s FCHV-4 sport utility vehicle based on the Highlander platform; and — Nissan’s Xterra sport utility vehicle model that rises up to reveal how the fuel cell, fuel tank, electronic motor and components fit within the chassis. Other fuel and fuel cell technology exhibits are on display at the CaFCP display in Plaza de Mexico throughout the weekend. The Partnership — a path-breaking collaboration of auto companies, fuel providers, fuel cell technology companies and government agencies — plans to demonstrate up to 60 fuel cell-powered cars and buses in California by 2003, and seeks to demonstrate the potential of this new technology as a safe, practical, clean and efficient alternative to conventional vehicles. The first vehicles are fueled with hydrogen and are zero-polluting — the only emission is a little water and heat.
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