California Climate Action Registry Opens

In addition to the passage of California’s Renewable Energy requirements intended to decrease greenhouse gases, businesses, state and local government and environmental groups joined forces last week to launch a major new effort to manage and reduce emissions that contribute to global warming.

Los Angeles, California – October 28, 2002 [] A broad cross-section of organizations plan to voluntarily measure and publicly report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as charter members of the new California Climate Action Registry. The charter members include some of the state’s largest companies such as BP, PG&E Corp. and QUALCOMM, Los Angeles, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) – rounding out 23 diverse Charter participants. “Climate change is likely to be the number one environmental issue of this century, and poses a range of threats to California and its economy,” said Mary D. Nichols, chair of the Registry’s Board and California’s Secretary of the Resources Agency. “With the creation of this sophisticated registry of GHG emissions, California continues to lead the nation in addressing this issue and mirrors the work being done to address climate change in the rest of the world.” In much of the world, greenhouse gas emissions are now regulated and GHG credits are traded on an open market. A number of global companies headquartered or doing business in California helped initiate the California Registry in an effort to protect their early actions to reduce their GHG emissions in the event of future credit trading opportunities or regulation. The Registry was created by California law as a private nonprofit corporation that helps organizations devise strategies to reduce the emissions of the gases that can lead to global warming. The data must be certified by qualified independent organizations to ensure accuracy. The State of California has committed to work to ensure that participants receive appropriate consideration in the event of any future state, federal or international regulatory program governing greenhouse gas emissions. “The California Registry represents an enormous step forward in the fight against global warming. Unlike previous efforts with Registries, the California Registry will provide comprehensive, transparent, accurate and credible emissions reports,” said Miller. “The Registry is the place to be for the many companies that are already working to reduce their global warming pollution. Once again, California leads the way on protecting the environment.”
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