CAISO market to get 70 MW energy storage system

Wartsilia Storage California 70MW
Wartsilia Storage- California

Technology group Wärtsilä said it is finalizing a 70-MW energy storage and management system project that will participate in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) energy market. The system will be paired with Wärtsilä GEMS platforms to maximize efficiency and add renewables to the grid.

The project was booked in late 2019 and aims to be finalized in mid-2020.

Wärtsilä says that its GEMS software optimizes deployment and functionality of the customer’s existing renewable energy power system, connecting to the local energy market. This optimization aims to increase revenue and ROI through battery performance maximization, longevity and additional value streams.

An example would be facilitating “energy arbitrage,” which allows customers to purchase electricity from the market when prices are low and sell stored energy back to the market when short-term costs spike.

Wärtsilä is also incorporating lithium iron phosphate batteries to enhance safety measures of the site.

This project is the first grid-scale energy storage project for the unnamed customer, as well as the company’s largest renewable energy storage deployment in the western United States.

Risto Paldanius, Business Development Director for Energy Storage & Optimization at Wärtsilä Energy Business, said, “Energy storage system safety is the most important design feature in our projects. For this customer, safety starts with a lithium iron phosphate battery option, which has several fundamental safety features such as a lower thermal runaway temperature and very low temperature rise rate. Temperature, smoke and fire detection, as well as suppression systems, are all designed for early detection and prevention of any safety related incidents.”

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