Briefly Noted … Renewable Energy

Briefly Noted…Renewable Energy Worldwide News Briefs and Information on Renewable Energy

– The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Houston, Texas, wants information from renewable power suppliers on potential renewable power or renewable energy credits/purchase options under the Texas restructured electricity market. The Request For Information gives renewable power suppliers advance notice of EPA’s possible interest in purchasing green power. The EPA facility in Houston has annual energy consumption of 3.2 million kWh, with an estimated peak demand of 575 kW and a 65 percent load factor. – The U.S. Department of Energy will issue a competitive solicitation for technical support for the Office of National Environmental Policy Act Policy & Compliance within the office of Environment, Safety & Health. The value of the contract will be US$5 million, and tasks cover activities such as nuclear waste management, energy efficiency and renewable energy, oil and gas projects, hydroelectric projects, and clean coal technology. – Andre Antolini has been re-elected president of the French renewable energy union, a post he has held since 1997. – The Malaysian Energy Commission wants to licence 50 small scale renewable plants in the next four years to meet a target of 5 percent, or 750 MW, of total estimated national power supply of 15,000 MW by 2005. The Commission says the projects are not conventional plants with capacities in the thousands of megawatts. It has already granted licences to four renewable energy producers and wants private firms to set up plants with small capacities of between 6 and 10 MW per plant. – The Czech government has approved an updated national energy policy under which nuclear is maintained as an option, along with increased efforts to use renewable energy sources. – Students from government schools in the Australian Capital Territory have again excelled in the prestigious 20 year BHP Billiton Science Awards, with 5 of 16 finalists coming from ACT schools. The pupils’ award projects included renewable energy subjects such as “The Performance of Electric Cars”, “Saving Money With Solar Energy”, and “To Thin or Not To Thin? An evaluation of the effectiveness of thinning in carbon sequestration in direct seeding plots around Canberra.” – The EIC Golden Omega Award to an outstanding person of science or engineering has been awarded to Robert Stempel for his work to develop and introduce electric vehicles while at General Motors and his continuing activities to bring advanced nickel metal hydride batteries for electric and hybrid electric vehicles to market in conjunction with the Ovonic Battery Company. The award is presented on behalf of The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Electric Manufacturing Coil Winding Association and the Electric Insulation Conference.
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