Briefly Noted … Other Energy Issues

U.S. consumers pay US$1 billion more in electricity costs in two years due to bottlenecks in transmission systems; fuel cell systems will be sold in Japan and Asia.

– Power consumers in the U.S. have paid US$1 billion more in electricity costs over the past two summers as a result of bottlenecks in the country’s electricity transmission system, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. FERC says it would cost $12.6 billion to mend the 16 major bottlenecks. – Small solid oxide fuel cell power systems developed by the Canadian firm, Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd, will be sold in Japan and east Asia by NKK Corp. The steelmaker hopes to market the 5 kW SOFC mini system by 2003. SOFC use ceramic electrodes and have high generating efficiency. NKK has obtained sales rights for 250 kW and larger systems from Siemens Westinghouse Power.


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