Brazil’s hydro capacity to grow by more than 5,000 MW in 2016

Brazil’s Ministerio de Minas e Energia states in its latest power sector bulletin that installed generating capacity in the country is forecast to grow by 7,739 MW, with 65% of that growth coming from hydro plants.

The other growth in 2016 is to come from wind (26%), thermal (7%) and solar (2%).

Capacity in the country totaled 141,684 MW as of January 2016, with 65% of that being hydropower, 29.4% thermal and 5.6% wind, according to BNamericas.

Capacity in Brazil is forecast to increase by 10,141 MW in 2017 (47% hydro) and 10,443 MW in 2018 (48% hydro).

One plant currently under development that will add significant generating capacity is 11,200-MW Belo Monte, at which test operations began on the first unit in late February.

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