Borrego Solar Extends PV Services to New England

Borrego Solar Systems is working with Evergreen Solar, Inc. to offer its grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installation services to the Northeastern U.S.

The new office, to be based in Massachusetts, will further solar power in the region, and particularly in Massachusetts, which is committed to expanding from the current 2 megawatts (MW) of solar energy to 250 MW by 2017. This calls for an average of 25 MW of installed solar per year.

“Opening an office in the northeast has been a major objective of Borrego Solar since the beginning,” said Chris Anderson, Chief Operations Officer and co-owner, who has moved to the region to oversee the expansion, “and a key step toward our goal of making solar energy an accessible, affordable and effective alternative for homeowners and businesses all across the country.”

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is a solid proponent of solar power, and has backed state assistance for Evergreen Solar to build a manufacturing plant in Devens that will more than double Evergreen Solar’s Massachusetts employment.

Growth in the state is further supported by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), which is accepting grant applications for residential, commercial, industrial, and public solar energy projects up to August 21, 2007.

“Solar power is now as viable an alternative for the east coast as it has become in the west,” said Anderson.

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