Boeing’s Spectrolab Supplies Solar Cells to SolFocus

The Boeing Company signed a 12-month contract in which its Spectrolab subsidiary, which supplies high-efficiency space solar cells and panels, will provide 600,000 solar concentrator cells to SolFocus, Inc., a Palo Alto, California-based renewable energy company that is developing terrestrial applications for the space technology.

SolFocus intends to incorporate the cells into concentrator photovoltaic systems for commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar power plants. Spectrolab’s 600,000 solar concentrator cells will be capable of generating more than 10 megawatts (MW) of electricity. With the average solar cell efficiency above 35% at concentration, Spectrolab’s concentrator photovoltaic cells generate electricity at a rate that can be more economical than electricity generated from conventional, flat-panel photovoltaic systems. “Our mission is to deliver reliable solar-generated electricity at wholesale energy prices, and Spectrolab’s multi-junction concentrator solar cells are key to making that possible,” said Gary D. Conley, CEO of SolFocus. “Spectrolab’s cells will be integrated into our upcoming solar concentrator field test program and then into the first phase of active deployments.” Spectrolab’s terrestrial concentrator cells also are generating power in a 33-kilowatt, full-scale concentrator system in the Australian desert.
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