BioSolar Builds Bio-Based Prototype Solar Cell

BioSolar, Inc., developer of a technology to produce thin film, flexible solar cells on bio-based plastic substrates, has created the world’s first bio-based solar cell.

“BioSolar has successfully completed the next step in constructing a bio-based solar cell module by laminating BioSolar’s own proprietary bio-based substrate onto a crystalline solar cell as back sheet,” said Dr. David Lee, BioSolar’s CEO.

The processes used to laminate solar cells to back sheets and front cover generally occur at a higher temperature than most bio-based films can withstand.

BioSolar’s bio-based proprietary films can withstand the environment of the photovoltaic lamination oven, and working solar cells can be made using BioSolar’s bio-based film as part of the packaging for crystalline silicon-based PV modules as well. The three fully functional prototype solar cell modules using BioSolar’s proprietary bio-based backsheets performed to the cell specifications.

“We look forward to reaching our next important milestone in producing a thin film, flexible solar cell on a bio-based plastic substrate,” concluded Lee.

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