Bio-HydroPlus Renewable Fuel Available for Fuel Cell Systems

Bio-HydroPlus, a renewable fuel, is a mixture of bio-methanol (62% methanol by weight) and de-ionized water and is used to power IdaTech’s backup power fuel cell systems.  Renewable fuels have gained in popularity due to their sustainability and lower environmental impact.

A fuel cell is a solid state DC generator that converts chemical energy into electricity.  Fuel cells are typically fueled by Hydrogen direct or include an integrated fuel processor that converts fuel (i.e. methanol-water ) into hydrogen on demand.

With the availability of Bio-HydroPlus, consumers now qualify to receive government incentives.  Many states offer rebates or tax credits to those who install fuel cell systems that run on renewable fuel such as Bio-HydroPlus.  The government wants to promote clean energy and the use of renewable fuel.

Fuel cells have always provided clean energy, and now they can be powered by renewable fuel, creating a sustainable power solution.

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