BioFuel Reactor instulation

Aeon Fuels, LLC  ( )   is currently (as of 12-28-2011) finishing the final assembly of our first production Bio-fuel reactor, in conjunction with Golden Renewable Energy in Yonkers, NY.  (   Aeon Fuels is located in lower Alabama near the Gulf Coast where we have embarked on developing a strategy to place/sell “green” systems and inventions throughout the world starting with the Aeon Fuels Biomass Processing plant. The general production process is a catalytic assisted vacuum pyrolysis liquefaction process that uses cracking at various stages to create “green” fuel. This process is also considered fluid catalytic cracking (“FCC”).  Our process produces a hydrocarbon that subsequently gets distilled in the same location into various beneficial road ready fuels. 

The Biomass Processing Plant is capable of outputting 1.5 Million US Gallons of Green Diesel fuel annually along with 150,000 US Gallons of Highway grade gasoline between 82 and 89 octanes.  Using reclaimed tires we have been able to produce Jet Fuel that is lower in weight with more BTU factor than conventional aviation fuels, the ash becomes carbon.  An additional process allows the carbon to become Activated.  There are a couple of other bi-products from the process, one being methane or syn-gas.  This gas can be routed to heat the reactor or power generation equipment to provide power to the plant and create an off grid application.

Two other bi-products are water or moisture and ash.  The ash is an inorganic pasteurized ash that can be used as a fertilizer.  There are no products from this process that need to be “disposed”.   Everything is consumed by the process.   We’ve also been able to remediate drilling oil mud form 700,000 ppm of contaminate to 110 ppm while capturing more than 65% of the drilling oil originally mixed with the clay.

Combined with the ability to utilize multiple feedstocks and the potential of self-sustaining power makes this processing plant a great solution.  This is a win-win-win situation for the community, environmentalists, investors and the consumer.

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