Bill to Take California to 100 Percent Clean Electricity Gains Traction

The Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee approved Senate Bill 100, historic legislation to transition California to 100 percent clean electricity by 2045, sending it to the full Assembly for a vote. The vote could have been influenced by the more than 38,000 messages and signatures in support of the legislation from a range of stakeholders, including health and environmental advocates, clean energy industries, business communities, and environmental justice organizations.  

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“We are excited California is one step further on the path of creating new jobs, cleaning our air and powering our homes, businesses and cars with clean, zero-carbon energy. Reducing carbon emissions and air pollution by transitioning away from fossil fuels is one of the most important actions our country and world must take to avoid the worst consequences of climate change,” said Laura Wisland, senior energy manager at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“After today’s affirmative vote on SB 100, California is once again poised to grow the low-carbon economy. This important legislation would not only help California clean its air and reduce its contribution to climate change but it would help keep California’s economy strong and green and innovative.  Ceres and 28 leading companies urge the full legislature to ensure its final adoption,” said Kirsten James, Director of California Policy and Partnerships at Ceres.

“SB 100 will assure that California continues to be in the forefront of leadership in addressing climate change by both accelerating the procurement of solar and other renewable energy sources in the near future and assuring that all state agencies are taking a long-run view about the issues that need to be addressed to get to a 100 percent greenhouse gas free electric system by 2045 or earlier,” said Ed Smeloff, California policy and regulatory director at Vote Solar.

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