Beacon Power Unveils New Inverter

Beacon Power has expanded its energy technology product line with the launch of a new 5 kW Smart Power M5 renewable energy inverter.

Wilmington, Massachusetts – June 18, 2003 [] Beacon Power has expanded its energy technology product line with the launch of new Smart Power M5 renewable energy inverters. The new products are based on the development and enhancement of electronics technology and assets purchased from Advanced Energy Systems, Inc., formerly of Wilton, New Hampshire. Beacon Power acquired Advanced Energy’s intellectual property and product inventory earlier this year from Advanced Energy’s Chapter 7 trustee. The Smart Power M5 is an upgraded 5 kW inverter system for grid-connect applications. The system takes DC power from solar photovoltaic energy sources and converts it to AC power for local use (or for feeding back to the electric grid). Based on and upgraded from the MM5000 unit purchased from Advanced Energy, this system will feature flexible operation ‘commonly referred to as multimode’ in a variety of system configurations. Unlike most competitive systems, the M5 is designed to provide uninterrupted power to a home or business, even in the event of a grid power outage, said Beacon Power. The 5 kW inverter, backed by a warranty of up to five years, will offer a range of features in one integrated system. These include a 2-stage DC-to-AC inverter, charge controller with maximum power point tracking capability, complete switchgear, patented anti-islanding technology and battery back-up (UPS) capability. Systems can be equipped with optional performance monitoring software, residential battery boxes and string combiners. In addition, service and upgrades for existing MM5000 units in the field are expected to be available later this year.
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