Beacon Power to Design 20-MW Frequency Regulation Plant

Wilmington, Massachusetts [] Beacon Power Corporation signed a contract with Carter & Burgess Consultants, Inc., to produce the plans and drawings for Beacon’s first 20-megawatt (MW) frequency regulation plant. The availability of comprehensive facility drawings and documentation will allow Beacon to pursue real estate, third-party supplier, and other contractual relationships on a national or site-specific basis, as part of the rollout of its frequency regulation plants. The design and engineering work, which is part of a $752,000 contract awarded to Beacon by the U.S. DOE in October 2006 (administered by Sandia National Laboratories) is scheduled for completion in September 2007. Beacon Power’s patented flywheel energy storage systems are designed to provide a non-polluting, long-life alternative to conventional fossil-fuel plants for frequency regulation.
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