Beacon Power Secures Patents for Energy Storage Technology

[] Beacon Power is known in the solar industry for their grid-tie inverters, but the company has been pursuing an altogether different technology as well. The company was recently awarded a United States patent for the unique design and construction of its composite flywheel rim, and that it also recently received a written notification that another U.S. patent on the rim is to be granted during the month of February. The composite rim is a key component of a flywheel energy storage system, as a rim’s mass and ability to spin at high speeds have a direct relationship to the amount of energy that can be stored. Beacon Power — which specializes in this technology — said they been able to design and build flywheel systems that deliver the highest amount of stored energy for their size and weight, thanks in part to this critical proprietary knowledge. Beacon Power’s Smart Energy Matrix is a design concept for a flywheel-based energy storage system that would offer a long-life, environmentally friendly solution for frequency regulation services, with no fuel consumed and no emissions generated. The equipment can be located nearly anywhere, including at a substation or within the distribution system, where additional benefits such as voltage regulation, backup power, or reactive power can also be provided for even greater value.
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