Beacon Power Releases Inverter at UPEx

Beacon Power Corporation, a designer and developer of sustainable energy storage and power conversion systems, will present the newly engineered Smart Power M5 power conversion system at the 8th annual UPEx Solar Electric Power Conference and Technology Exhibition. This national event, organized by the Solar Electric Power Association in conjunction with the Solar Energy Industries Association, will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, from October 7-10.

Wilmington, Massachusetts – September 18, 2003 [] In addition to displaying the M5 and highlighting its features and enhancements, Beacon will also demonstrate its new Smart Power Monitor software. Smart Power Monitor is a PC-based software solution that monitors, analyzes and reports the performance of an M5-based solar power system. Users can observe and record key system performance parameters, including solar power output (real-time and accumulated), power exported to the grid (for net metering applications), and battery charging and discharging functions. According to Bill Capp, Beacon Power president and CEO, development and testing on the Smart Power M5 are nearly complete. “We’ve made several important changes in the product to improve reliability and performance,” said Capp. “We look forward to delivering evaluation units to a number of distributors early in the fourth quarter.” The Smart Power M5 is a 5-kilowatt inverter for grid-connected solar power applications. It incorporates a range of components in one compact, integrated system, including inverter, charge controller with maximum power point tracking, switchgear, and battery back-up capability. Even in the event of a grid outage, the M5 will continue to operate as uninterruptible power system (UPS), providing photovoltaic (or battery) power to critical loads. Traditional grid-tied inverters do not function when primary power fails.
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