Beacon Power Inverters Hit the Solar Energy Market

Beacon Power Corporation, which specializes in sustainable energy storage and power conversion systems, has completed delivery of qualification units of the Smart Power M5 inverter systems to most of the leading U.S. solar power distributors. Qualification testing of these units – a standard pre-condition for approval and acceptance – has been under way at various locations for several weeks.

Willmington, Massachusetts – December 2, 2003 [] “The production and delivery of qualification units to potential distributors is a major milestone in the commercialization of this new product,” said Bill Capp, Beacon Power president and CEO. “Our experienced engineering team has done outstanding work in developing the M5, and the initial response from distributors has been very positive. This system continues to demonstrate excellent performance both in our labs and based on the field results we’ve seen.” Beacon Power is assembling and testing Smart Power M5 systems at the Company’s 52,000 square foot location in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Capp added, “We have an ideal facility to assemble and test M5 systems. Appropriate components have been sourced, suppliers qualified, and materials received or scheduled for delivery. We’re now building the systems we expect to ship in the coming months.” “Further, through our exhibits at key industry events like the Greenbuild show in November and the UPEx solar conference in October, we’ve had the chance to present the M5 to large numbers of potential users and PV system designers,” Capp said. “They appreciate the advantages of our newly engineered, grid-tied, battery backup system, and have said they look forward to seeing it become available on the market. The Smart Power M5 is a high-efficiency 5 kW inverter for grid-connected solar power applications. It incorporates a range of components in one compact, integrated system, including inverter, charge controller with maximum power point tracking, switchgear, and battery back-up capability. Even in the event of a grid outage, the M5 will continue to provide photovoltaic (or battery) power to critical loads. The company said traditional grid-tied inverters without backup do not function when primary power fails.
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