Ballard-powered Fuel Cell Buses Surpass 1 M km Mark

Ballard Power Systems’ fleet of 33 Mercedes-Benz Citaro fuel cell buses currently operating in Europe, Iceland and Australia has surpassed one million kilometers of service. The buses have carried more than four million passengers.

The buses, powered by Ballard fuel cells, have been on the road since late 2003 as part of the Clean Urban Transport for Europe, Ecological City Transport System and Sustainable Transport Energy for Perth programs. “Our congratulations go to our Alliance partner, DaimlerChrysler AG, on reaching this record-breaking one-million kilometer milestone,” said Noordin Nanji, Ballard’s Vice President, Marketing & Business Development. “We are delighted that the strong performance of Ballard’s fuel cell technology has contributed to the success of these fuel cell bus demonstration programs.” Ballard’s fuel cells have proven themselves in a variety of terrains and environments over the duration of the demonstrations. Of the 33 buses in operation, 17 have exceeded 2,000 hours of operation, 10 have exceeded 2,500 hours, and one has exceeded 3,000 hours. Ballard fuel cells are also powering three Gillig-built fuel cells buses in Santa Clara, California. An additional three Ballard fuel cell-powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses are expected to enter service on the streets of Beijing, China, before the end of the year.
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