Backpack Charger Soaks Up the Sun

Solar Dynamics, a manufacturer of portable solar power systems, has added another option for those who hope to access the benefits of solar energy on the go.

Simsbury, Connecticut – September 24, 2002 [] The Cub is a 13 pound portable power source providing DC and AC electricity from a self-contained unit that looks and functions like a backpack. It is able to run a variety of small electronic devices and recharges itself through a 5 W thin-film solar module. “When you purchase The Cub you have everything you need for on-the-go power,” said Andrew Marsh, President of Solar Dynamics. “The Cub is ideal for mobile people such as campers, business and personal travelers and recreation enthusiasts who are on the go and need remote power time and again.” Both a DC and an AC/DC version are available for US$299 and US$339 respectively. The DC version provides 3, 6, 9 and 12 volts of DC. The AC/DC version provides both DC power and up to 75 W of AC power. Both DC and AC/DC versions come with DC power socket adapters and an energy efficient task/flash light. An 8 W waterproof fluorescent light, wall charger and 12 volt DC car cigarette lighter adapter are optional accessories. The Cub is emission and noise-free, utilizing the sun and a solar module to recharge its fully contained 7.5 amp-hour battery. The battery is protected against overcharging and over discharging by an electronic controller. A typical device such as a laptop computer would run for 1.6 hours off the Cub battery alone and 2.1 hours with the panels exposed to direct sunlight. An 8 W fluorescent light would both run for 8.1 hours on the battery alone and a total of 12.8 hours if the unit was left in the sun. A 25 W cell phone would function for 2 hours on DC power alone and 2.7 hours in the sun.
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