Auto, Home, Grid Create Smart Energy Network in Audi Pilot Project

Audi last week said that it is participating in a pilot project that is testing a smart energy network that uses software to control solar and batteries and interact with the main power grid.

Audi is working with the project’s partners to run the pilot project for homes in southern Germany and northern Switzerland.

According to Audi, the project features the combination of various sizes of solar PV systems with stationary batteries, while control software by Zurich start-up Ampard distributes the solar power based on current or plannable demand from a car, household or heating system. In addition, the project interacts with the power grid, creating a virtual power plant that comprises a smart grid.

“We are looking at electric mobility in the context of an overall energy supply system that is increasingly based on renewables,” Hagen Seifert, head of sustainable product concepts at Audi, said in a statement. “We are playing a pioneering role with the prequalification of the balancing-power market — enabling producers to feed power into the grid, as part of the pilot project. That is now for the first time also possible down at the level of individual households, which helps balance the entire power grid.”

Lead image credit: Audi

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