Australians Benefit from Solar Hot Water Heating

The average Canberra, Australia household can save A$750 ((US$400) by applying for a rebate when installing a solar hot water heater. Rebates of between A$500 (US$270) and A$1300 (US$700) are available under the Solar Hot Water Rebate Scheme that was launched earlier this month.

CANBERRA, Australia – April 23, 2002 [] The Territory Government is committing A$1.1 million (US$540,000) to fund this program to April 2005 with the aim of reducing the cost of installing solar hot water systems to ACT households. The amount of the rebate is based on the number of panels and the type of water heater that is being installed. A more generous rebate is offered for gas boosted solar water heaters because they emit much less greenhouse gas than electric boosted solar or heat pump systems. Households can save between 3 and 4 1/2 tons of greenhouse gas a year by replacing an electric storage hot water heater with a solar hot water heater. As well as being environmentally friendly solar hot water heaters can also save you up to several hundred dollars on annual hot water bills. The Solar Hot Water Rebate application form and guidelines brochure enables you to determine whether you are eligible for a rebate and the amount that you will receive. It also includes the guidelines and an application form.


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