Australian State’s Extra Subsidy Boost for Solar Hot Water

The government of Western Australia is urging families to take advantage of a A$500 subsidy toward the purchase of gas-boosted solar hot water systems.

PERTH, Western Australia, AU, 2002-01-25 [] Launching a promotional campaign for the $2 million government program, energy minister Eric Ripper says it is intended to encourage energy conservation but could also reduce household power bills by $500 a year. The scheme was an election promise and is expected to boost the current uptake of gas-boosted solar hot water systems by 15 percent, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from each home by 4 tonnes per year. The solar water heater subsidy is one in a series of initiatives developed by the Western Australian Sustainable Energy Development Office, set up in November to promote renewable energy and energy conservation. The rebate is available to homeowners installing a water tank of at least 300 litre and at least 3.5 m2 of solar panels. A subsidy of $300 is available for the installation of smaller systems suitable for two person households. SEDO provides funding and administers grants under federal programs to support renewable energy in Western Australia. As well as the new solar DHW subsidy, there is a photovoltaic rebate program for residences and community groups, and a renewable remote power generation program that includes businesses and is aimed at replacing remote or off-grid diesel generation.


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