Australian Firm Issues Tender for 640 MWh of Energy Storage Services

Brisbane, Australia-based Lyon Group yesterday said it is seeking interest for contracts to cover up to 640 MWh of storage capacity across Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

The company said that the market services tender includes a new $600 million combined large-scale solar and battery storage project at Nowingi in north-west Victoria. Construction is set to begin on the Nowingi project this summer.

“Lyon is able to offer multiple services from the same battery system, and flexibility in contract size to accommodate various users,” Lyon Group Partner David Green said in a June 20 statement. “Lyon will enter into commercial contracts for real services provided by physical assets. This is not a theoretical exercise.”

The tender also includes services from the already announced Cape York solar-storage project, with a solar capacity of 55 MW and storage capacity of 20 MW/80 MWh; and the Riverland solar-storage project, with a solar capacity of 330 MW and storage capacity of 100 MW/400 MWh, according to the company’s website.

Lyon Group said that the final configuration of the projects will depend on the outcomes of the market services tender, and batteries will be provided by AES Energy Storage.

Lead image: SDG&E’s Advancion arrays. Credit: AES Energy Storage

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