AstroPower Forms Alliance with California Home Builder

AstroPower has created an alliance with a home builder to offer solar electric systems on 200 homes.

NEWARK, Delaware, US, 2001-06-27 [] AstroPower, a leading U.S. solar PV manufacturer will work with Pardee Homes Inc. to offer solar PV on new homes over the next two to three years. The companies will offer PV systems to new homebuyers within Pardee Homes’ Southern California communities. “Pardee has recognized solar electric power as a value-added feature,” explains Bob Ruggio of AstroPower. “By incorporating solar power into its new home construction, Pardee is enabling homebuyers to produce a portion of their own electricity.” “This gives homeowners more control over their electricity bills,” he explains. “Solar power is a tremendous value, and Pardee is committed to bringing this value to its homebuyers.” Pardee will offer the AstroPower premium SunUPS(TM) system with battery backup or the SunLine(TM) system which offers the same packaged components without the continuous power option. “In light of California’s energy crisis, homebuyers are seeking energy alternatives,” says Joyce Mason of Pardee. “We are dedicated to bringing viable solutions to homebuyers in the form of advanced technologies and energy-efficiency features.” “Solar electric power clearly fits the bill,” she adds. “The technology allows homeowners to produce electricity on site, while it protects our environment’s natural resources. In addition, by choosing solar power, homebuyers will help to combat the energy crisis. As they’ll rely more on power generated by their own homes and less on power from the utility, they’ll lessen the strain on the California utility grid.” “The systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into the construction process,” explains Ruggio. “Not only does this minimize installation time, it provides Pardee with tremendous economies of scale that it can pass on to its homebuyers.” “Solar electric power provides pollution-free electricity,” adds AstroPower vice president Howard Wenger. “In addition, when the system produces more electricity than the homeowner needs, the excess power can be sold to the utility grid. As the utility meter spins backward, homeowners will see their utility bills decrease. There’s no better way to gain control over escalating electricity prices.” “Our alliance with Pardee enables us to work together to develop new opportunities for solar home communities,” says Allen Barnett, president and CEO of AstroPower. “The grid-connected solar power market is the industry’s fastest-growing market segment. By partnering with this leading U.S. homebuilder, AstroPower is once again bringing solar electric power to new homebuyers.” AstroPower is based in Delaware and claims to be the world’s largest independent manufacturer of PV cells, modules, panels and systems. Pardee Homes is based in Los Angeles, with offices in San Diego, Camarillo and Las Vegas. The company has won awards for its architecture, merchandising and advertising.
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