Arizona PV System Rebate Extended

An incentive program that had a limit of US$1 million in 2004 was increased to $2 million for the year because energy customers have already reserved the total of the initial program funding. Arizona Public Service (APS) plans to extend their Environmental Portfolio Standard (EPS) Credit Purchase Program, which provides incentives to APS customers who have new, complete photovoltaic (PV) systems professionally installed on their property.

Phoenix, Arizona – June 29, 2004 [] Participation in the incentive program comes partly as a result of the EPS passed by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in 2001. The standard set a goal requiring every utility in Arizona to generate an annual percentage of its energy from a renewable resource. Through the ACC’s mandate, an EPS charge of $.000875 per kWh has been added to customer bills to help utilities’ fund renewable energy programs Customers with grid-connected and off-grid PV systems located in APS service territory can participate in the program. Funds are assigned through a reservation system, and on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Grid-connected customers can receive a credit purchase payment equal to 50 percent of the system cost, up to a maximum of $4/w. Off-grid customers are eligible for a $2/w credit purchase payment. “This is welcomed news for APS customers and Arizona’s PV industry”, said Sean Seitz, who is president of the Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association. “The success of the program proves that Arizonans are willing to do their part to produce clean, renewable solar-electricity in our state.”


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