Apollo Alliance Taps New President

The Apollo Alliance this week announced that Jerome Ringo is the new president of its coalition, whose member organizations represent more than 17 million people across the country. The alliance is a coalition of labor, environmental, business, national security, civil rights, urban, rural and faith leaders fighting to make America independent from foreign energy in 10 years.

“The American people know our dependence on foreign oil is dangerous. It’s time for our policymakers to make a true commitment to energy independence for the United States. The research and development of these new technologies will create good jobs at a time when traditional factories are closing down across the country,” Ringo said. “Our leaders need the vision and political will to make energy independence a reality.” Ringo comes to the helm of the Apollo Alliance as a dedicated champion of conservation and the environment, and with firsthand knowledge of the needs of workers and business. He currently serves as chairman of the board of the National Wildlife Federation; he is the first African American to lead the board of any major conservation organization. In addition, Ringo has on-the-ground experience with conventional energy companies after working for more than 20 years in Louisiana’s petrochemical industry — the largest employer in Louisiana. More than half of that time was spent as an active union member working with his fellow members to secure a safe work environment and quality jobs. “What makes the Apollo Alliance so groundbreaking is its ambitious vision for a new energy future and the real-world experience of its partner groups to actually get the job done. The fact that Jerome Ringo embodies those very same traits makes him uniquely qualified to lead this unprecedented effort,” said Carl Pope, Sierra Club executive director. Ringo’s career in the petrochemical industry gave him a clear understanding of the impacts of poor environmental practices on the communities outside the fence line of those plants. He believes more attention needs to be given to the adverse affects on those communities and founded Progressive Resources and JerMar Enterprises that provide expert technical assistance, legal counsel and scientific advisors in order to improve their quality of life. “Jerome’s background allows him to be a bridge between the many constituencies we need to bring together to achieve the Apollo Alliance’s mission. By bringing him onboard, the Apollo Alliance made a statement that the answers to our energy problems must be broad based,” said Andrew Beebe, Apollo Steering Committee member and business entrepreneur, who is the president of Energy Innovations. “Clean energy is no longer just ‘an environmental program.’ It is the best way for America to revitalize its economy and make us a safer nation.” The Apollo Alliance is a broad coalition that has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO and 22 international labor unions, major national environmental organizations and more than 50 businesses. It has the support of more than 100 civic organizations in the nation’s states and cities. The Alliance is pursuing a crash program for clean energy that will create 3 million new clean-energy jobs and reduce our oil imports by the amount we import from the Middle East. The program would reinvest in the competitiveness of American industry, rebuild our cities, create good jobs for working families and ensure good stewardship of both the economy and our natural environment.
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