Alternative Energy Power Converters Sold to Fuel Cell Company

SatCon Technology Corp has received an order for its new StarSine(TM) Power Conditioning System from FuelCell Energy for use with FuelCell’s Direct Fuel Cell sub-megawatt and megawatt class power plants.

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, US, 2002-01-18 [] StarSine PCS is designed to provide high performance power conversion for alternative energy generators, including fuel cells, solar PV arrays, microturbines, wind turbines, flywheels and flow batteries. The FuelCell Energy order is a significant development for SatCon, says CEO David Eisenhaure, because “fuel cells represent a potential supplement and/or replacement for grid distributed electrical power by generating highly-reliable, environmentally clean electrical power on-site or close to the end-user.” “The electronics and controllers provided by our PCS, enable fuel cells or other alternative energy sources to provide high-quality electrical power that looks and feels like the utility grid but with increased reliability.”
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