Alevo to Install Energy Storage System in Retired Fossil-Fuel Generation Building

North Carolina-based Alevo Group on March 17 said it will install an 8 MW, 4 MWh energy storage system in a retired oil-fired generator building in Lewes, Del.

According to Alevo, the installation will be the largest energy storage project in Delware to date.

Theodore Becker, Mayor of Lewes, said in a statement: “The installation of the 8 MW battery will provide a significant tool to manage our capacity charges, our peak demands and transmission charges, and we anticipate it to be a boon for the citizens of Lewes.”

Becker added that Lewes is located on the fringe of the PJM Interconnection market, and as such, the city has had few options to manage and improve capacity and transmission charges since it removed its generation capacity from the market in 1999.

“We also have the dilemma of a significant renewable energy presence in our distribution system — both a 1.5 MW wind turbine situated at the University of Delaware and one of the highest per capita installations of solar — which can cause upward pressures for demand costs to the system,” he said.

Alevo said that the deployment in Lewes is the first in a series of energy storage installations the company has planned for this year.

Lead image credit: Alevo.

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