Airline to Offer Mini-Fuel Cell Chargers

September 5, 2002 [] Air France, the French national carrier, will be offering Electric Fuel Corporation’s Instant Power 3-in-1, fuel cell Cellphone Chargers to passengers on its flights as of October 2002. Chargers will be presented in the airlines’ in-flight retail catalog and in-flight staff will become familiar with the chargers prior to selling them. Air France is the second major airline to carry Instant Power Chargers on board its flights. The INSTANT POWER 3-in-1 charger kit includes a car adapter, a USB adapter and a replaceable zinc air PowerCartridge for use where no electric power is available. Also included is a model-specific SmartCord for connecting the three power sources to the user’s cellphone or PDA and thus offers three charging modes for people on the go.


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