Air Products to Supply Hydrogen Stations

August 19, 2004 [] Pennsylvania-based Air Products is helping with a critical component of hydrogen demonstration projects in Southern California. Hydrogen fueling technologies from the company were selected by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for three demonstration projects planned in Burbank, Riverside and Santa Ana. Air Products will collaborate with Proton Energy Systems on two of the fueling stations. Fueling stations in Burbank and Riverside will have a Series 200 system to provide the storage and dispensing of hydrogen to the vehicles. This system provides customers flexibility in using hydrogen generated at the site, or delivered hydrogen, integrated with storage and vehicle dispensing capabilities. Hydrogen will be provided to the fueling system from Proton’s HOGEN 200 Electrolyzers. City owned electric utilities in Burbank and Riverside will supply power to the Proton systems. The station planned for Santa Ana will get an HF-150 mobile hydrogen fuel system, and will get hydrogen from the Air Products plant in Wilmington, California.


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