Affordable Housing Initiative Embraces Renewable Energy Proposals

The Green Affordable Housing Initiative is designed to increase the use of green design and clean energy technologies in new affordable housing construction in Massachusetts.

It is working with finance, development, and construction experts in what Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) Renewable Energy Trust (RET) hopes will stimulate the construction of green affordable housing in the Commonwealth. This solicitation invites grant applications for hundreds of new units in: — Development and administration of a funding program to incorporate renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green design into affordable housing developments — Development of a state-of-the-art, green affordable housing development that incorporates renewable energy — Development of an operational plan that will lead to a program incorporating renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green design as part of affordable housing developments Applicants are encouraged to submit a concept paper that summarizes their idea; key partners (if any) and individuals involved with the partnership; and the major activities that would be carried out. Proposals are due March 23, 2006.
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