Advanced Energy Conversion Spins off ecoPower

Advanced Energy Conversion announced that it recently created a new subsidiary called ecoPower. ecoPower was officially formed on September 12, 2007 and is located in The New York Energy Research and Development Authority Saratoga Technology + Energy Park in Malta.

ecoPower was created specifically to produce the company’s ecoJoule 2500 inverter, used in solar power installations. The ecoJule inverter is a low input voltage, series parallel, inverter that can deliver up to 2500 Watts of electric power. Its features include incremental system installation, battery back-up, and utility interaction.

“Most people that install solar photovoltaic systems are surprised to learn that unless they have installed an expensive battery back-up system, when there is a power outage their home is still without power…even when it’s a sunny day! Our ecoJoule inverter is the first product on the market with a good answer to that problem.” said J. Gary McDaniel, President and General Manager of ecoPower.


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