9 Gadgets for a Sun-Powered Summer

This year, the sun’s rays can benefit more than your mood and man tan. Solar power is great for the environment, is cost effective, and can enhance your fun for you and your family during the sunniest time of the year. Whether or not you’re ready to power your home with solar power, you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. Check out these solar-powered gadgets to fuel the last bits of your summer.

1. Suaoki Solar Lantern

If your dream summer day includes a long hike followed by a night camping under the stars, the Suaoki Solar Lantern is your perfect companion. This water bottle doubles as a solar-powered lamp that will last for three to four hours. The solar lantern is collapsible and weighs only seven ounces — ideal for festivals like Austin City Limits where you need to stay hydrated in the day and locate your tent at night.

2. Skylock Solar-Powered Bike Lock

Riding a bike is a healthy and environmentally conscious transportation option, and the Skylock Solar-Powered Bike Lock takes things to the next level. This smart bike lock can connect to your smartphone for keyless entry, theft detection, crash alerts, and more. Don’t worry if you live in an area without much sun — 12 hours of sunlight will fuel the Skylock for six months.

3. Innoo Tech Solar String Lights

Warm summer nights are best when they’re enjoyed outside and in the company of friends. Save money and resources by hanging Innoo Tech Solar String Lights on your porch, deck, or patio to create the perfect atmosphere for good conversation and happy memories. These string lights last six to eight hours when fully charged, and can be set to turn on automatically when it becomes dark outside.

4. Solar Mosquito Repellant Light

Mosquito bites are a common plight in the summer months. Keep mosquitos at bay with the Solar Mosquito Repellant Light that deters mosquitos within 15 feet with no effects on humans. Weather resistant and portable enough to take to the beach or on picnics, its soft warm glow creates ambiance and a mosquito-free zone wherever it goes. Pair this with your other solar-powered camping gadgets for a solar powered camping trip.

5. Eton Rukus Bluetooth Solar-Powered Speaker

Enjoy your time on the beach even more this summer by playing music on your Eton Rukus Portable Bluetooth Solar-Powered Speaker — simply connect it with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This wireless speaker system offers both AC and solar power, as well as a USB port for mobile charging. Its highly efficient monocrystal solar panel completely charges the internal battery in under six hours, giving you over eight hours of music. Bring it to outdoor gatherings and pool parties, or relax in your own backyard.

6. WakaWaka Power + Solar Charger and Light

Most smartphones run out of battery before the day is over, and when you’re on a hike without access to power outlets, you’re left with a dead phone. The WakaWaka Power + Solar Charger and Light ensures you’ll always be able to communicate with your friends and family and take pictures of the fun you’re having on your summer adventures. This solar-powered device can fully recharge your smartphone battery in around two hours, while also providing up to 150 hours of light. If that isn’t enough, when you buy a WakaWaka you also give a solar light to a family in need.

7. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

When you’re a parent, summer can sometimes feel like an ongoing attempt to keep kids entertained all day long. The OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot is a solution to that problem. It transforms into 14 different shapes — including a dog, crab, car, and boat. Teach children how solar power can drive a small motor and keep them amused for hours. You might even find yourself joining in on playtime!

8. BirkSun Boost Classic

The BirkSun Boost Classic is a stylish and modern solar-powered backpack that will hold all of your festival essentials and ensure your electronic devices never run out of power. Its 3-watt solar panel is waterproof and has a USB port built in. It takes just five hours of sunlight to completely charge your smartphone, and the backpack’s 15-inch laptop sleeve is fleece-lined for your computer’s safety.

9. Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

This Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger is the ultimate in sustainable poolside luxury. With it, you can charge your phone, adjust your lounging position, and play music or audiobooks through its built-in Bose speakers. You can also cool off with adjustable armrest misters and easily move with the sun thanks to its rear wheels. Just four hours of sun will charge the lounger’s 10-watt solar panels to maximum capacity.

The same way you might research and compare your local television providers via web research, your solar costs should be carefully calculated.  Similar to the decision to choose between Dish Network or Directv, you’ll want to perform a cost benefits analysis, weigh your options, look into contracts, and understand what is going to tie you down and what you can get out of if needs be. There’s no better time than the summer to make the most of solar power, and these gadgets are a fun way to benefit from solar technology. However you spend the long days and warm nights, stay safe, have fun, and keep sustainability in mind.

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